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Default Ads

Admin can create and manage public service ads here.
These ads will display in publisher sites if there is no advertiser ads to display in publisher sites.
manage default ads
Admin can see the Ad names, ad type and the status of the ad here.
We can do the basic operations like edit, activate, block, delete etc. here.
To edit the Ad, click on the edit button.
To activate or block an Ad, clickon the respective buttons
To delete a default Ad, click on the Delete button.
To create a new default ad, click on the link “Create Default Ad”.
In this section/page, admin can create a default ad(public service ad).
create default ad
For this, first select the Ad type.
We have 2 types of ads. Text Ad and Banner Ad.
Text ads contains title, description and display URL. The banner ad contains only images.
For a Text Ad, we can add the name of the Ad, Ad Title, Ad Description, Display URL and Click URL(Target URL).
In the Click URL you need to enter the complete path with https:// prefix.
You can add anything as Display URL and this will display in the ad.
create default banner ad

For a Banner Ad, enter the name of the Ad, select the banner size from the dropdown menu, choose the banner and enter the Click URL(Target URL). The ad will display only the banner.

Note: Admin can change the count of Ad Title, Description, Display URL in the “Ad Display Settings Page”.
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