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Sponsored Ads Addon

Installation of Sponsored Ads Addon:

  • Upload the Sponsored Ads addon to the “addons” folder in XYZ Admarket script.
  • In the “Manage Addons” page please activate the Sponsored Ads Addon.   sponsored
  • Now you can setup the Sponsored addon settings and click update.sponsored-settings
  • The Sponsored ads addon is now ready to use.

Publisher Need To:

  1. First add a site from publisher area by selecting Sites > Add Site. sponsored-publisher
  2. Select the Site Category > Enter Site Name > Site Title > Site Description > Site Logo and click submit.
  3. Click on the “Manage Ad Codes”
    sponsored-ad display code
  4. Initially you will get a message of “No Records Found”. sponsored-manage ad code
  5. Click on the  Ad Codes > Create button
    sponsored-create ad code
  6. Enter Ad Code Name > Select Ad code Type : Sponsored > Select the Targeting Site > Selecy Adblock Type and Adblock and Click the “Create Ad Code” button.
  7. You will get an ad display code.
    interstitial-Ad display code
  8. Please copy this code and paste the code in the Targeting Site.
  9. Now go to “Manage adcodes” section and click on the “Packages”  sponsored-packages
  10. Enter the name > No. of days > enter the amount and create.  sponsored-create package
  11. When an advertiser site is mapped to the publisher site, publisher need to approve the ad. For this please go to Ad Codes > Manage Ad Codes > Mappings
  12. Click on the “Approve” button to approve the ad. sponsored-approve mapping

Note 1 : Publisher can create the adcode only after the site is approved by admin.

Note 2 :  Advertiser can see the site in the Marketplace only when the publisher creates the adcode and used it in the site and created the packages.

Advertiser Need To:

  1. Create a new sponsored ad by selecting Ads > Create Ad   sponsored-advertiser
  2. Select the adformat > Adtype : Sponsored > Enter ad display settings and click the “Create Ad”
  3. Now click the Marketplace > Select Category and you can see the sites available. sponsored-marketplace
  4. Click on the site you want and you can see the ad position and price. sponsored-ad position
  5. Click the package you want and you can map your ad.  sponsored-position mapping
  6. Here select the Ad Name and click Submit. You can see the mapping. sponsored-all mapping
  7. This mapping is in the pending state and publisher need to approve it.
  8. Once the publisher approve the ad, please go Ads > Manage Ads > Manage Targeting sponsored-advertiser-target
  9. Now click on the “Pay Now” to pay and display the ad in the publisher site. sponsored-advertiser-paynow
  10. Then click on the “Pay from Account” or “Recurring payment”(if enabled). sponsored-advertiser-payfromaccount
  11. The ad is now active and will display in the publisher site.
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