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Native Ad Display Addon

Installation of Native Ad Display Addon

  • Click the “Install Now” button in the “Manage Addons” page.
    If it is not working, please upload the Native Ad Display Addon to the “addons” folder in XYZ Admarket script.
  • Now activate the “Native Ad Display” addon.
  • You can enter the settings here.
    native ad settings
    Note: We can use native ad display for Text only and Text+Image. For the Text+Image format, please use the Text+Image ads addon also.
    In the Text+Image native ads, we can display the image in top or left of the text. Also we can setup the height and width of each ad in the native ad display.
    The options are given below.
    1. Native ad header text – This is the header text of the native ad. Admin can use any text here.
    2. Padding of Native Ad Display – Admin can enter the padding of the display here.
    3. Display description in Text Ad Display – If you want to display the description in text ads, please select this option. Oherwise it will not show the description in the text ad.
    4. Display URL in Text Ad Display – Select this option to display the url in the text ads.
    5. Display description in Text+Image Ad Display – We can display the description in text+image ad by selecting this option.
    6. Display URL in Text+Image Ad Display – Select this option to display the url in the text+image ads.
    Admin can also setup the Ad content settings, color settings and credit text settings here.

Native Ad Layouts

In the admin menu we can see the “Native Ad Layouts” section.

native ad layouts

Click the “Create Layout” link to create a new layout.

New ad layout

In the Adblock Type we can select Text only or Text+Image ads.

Also we can set the number of horizontal ads (columns) and vertical ads(rows).

In the “Manage Layouts” section we can see all the layouts.

manage layout

Publisher Section

In the publisher section when creating the adcode, we can select the native ad.native adcode

Here first select the “Ad Display : Native

Now select Ad code type and Ad type. We have the ad types text only and text+image.

Then select the Ad Layout and the Ad Image Dimension.

If you have any custom css and js, you can enter it and click the “Create Ad Code”, button.

Now you can see the ad display preview and the adcode.

native adcode 2

You can use the adcode in the webpage and the native ad will display there.

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