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PayUMoney Payment Gateway Addon

Installation of PayUMoney Payment Gateway Addon:

  • Upload the PayUMoney Payment Gateway Addon to the “addons” folder in XYZ Admarket script.
  • In the “Manage Addons” page please activate the PayUMoney Payment Gateway Addon.
  • Now edit the settings page and add the API keys.
    payumoney settings

First enter the PayUMoney merchant key and salt key. You can see the API key creation details below.

Then enter the conversion rate. To automate the currency conversion we can use the currency layer API key. You can add the currencylayer API in the script settings page. The details are given below.

Finally select the countries where you want to display the PayUMoney payment option and update it.

PayUMoney API keys generation details.

  1. Login to PayUMoney Account.
  2. Click on Account Details, from the left-hand menu.
    account details
  3. Click on Merchant-Key Salt
    Merchant Key Salt
  4. There you will see your Merchant Key and Merchant Salt

Currency Layer API key generation details

  1. Go to https://currencylayer.com/ and login (If you have not an account, create a new account)
    currencylayer login
  2. In the dashboard you can see the API key
    currencylayer api
  3. Add this API key in the settings page of the script.
    currencylayer api integration

In the Advertiser section

When the advertiser add fund, they can select the payumoney option.

pay with payumoney

Here enter the amount and click the “Pay with PayUMoney” button.

In the payment site the advertiser can pay in their currency.

payumoney payment


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