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Expandable Banner Ads Addon

Installation of Expandable Banner Ads Addon:

  • In the “Manage Addons” page, click on the install button next to the Expandable Banner Ads Addon or Upload the Expandable Banner Ads addon to the “addons” folder in the XYZ Admarket script.
  • Now please activate the Expandable Banner Ads Addon by clicking the activate button.
  • The Expandable Banner Ads addon is now ready to use.

Admin Section

  • In the admin > configurations > adblocks > banner dimensions section, while creating or editing a banner dimension, we can select the expandable option and add the expandable banner height and width.
    expandable banner dimension

Advertiser Section

  • When creating a banner ad, we can see the option of “Allow expand”.
    advertiser expandable ad
  • Now we can see the expandable banner size and we can upload the expandable banner.

There is no separate adcode setting in the publisher section.

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