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HTML5 Ads Addon

Installation of HTML5 Ads Addon:

  • In the “Manage Addons” page, click on the install button next to the HTML5 Ads Addon or Upload the HTML5 Ads addon to the “addons” folder in the XYZ Admarket script.
  • Now please activate the HTML5 Ads Addon by clicking the activate button.
  • Now it will display the settings and we can edit them.
    HTML5 settings
  • Here we can either allow HTML5 ads to all advertisers or only to some advertisers. In such a case we can enable the HTML5 ads from the user profile.
    activate from profile

Admin Section

  • In the configurations > adblocks > banner dimension, we have the new setting HTML5 file size. We can set the file size here.
    banner dimension

Advertiser Section

  • When creating a new banner ad, the advertiser can select the HTML5 banner type.
    html5 banner creation

There is no separate HTML5 ad code in the publisher section. It will display in normal ad code.

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