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Admin can see all users (advertiser and publishers) and manage them.
manage users
This section will list all users. We can filter them by advertiser based search, publisher based search and search by name.
There are 5 status for the user.
  • Active – If an user account is active, they can do any operation in the site.
  • Blocked – If any account is blocked by the admin, the user cannot do anything in the site.
  • Pending – These are the accounts awaiting for the admin approval.
  • No Account – If an user registered for the advertiser account only, the publisher account will be inactive. In such a condition the user has ‘No account’ as publisher. The reverse is also possible.
  • Email Not verified – These are the accounts which are not email verified. At the time of registration, the system will send a confirmation mail and if the user is not activated the account by enabling the link, it will be ‘Email not verified’ account.
In this section, admin can see all users and can do some basic operations like login to account, send a mail to the user, add fund to the user, change the status and delete the user.
By clicking on the user name, admin can view all details of the user.
user profile
It contains the basic details, advertiser details and publisher details and the statistics of the user.
We can change the publisher profit for individual publisher here. For this enter the profit percentage in “Override Pub Profit” and click update.
Also we can enable or disable the home page logo display of the user and change the captcha status.
user profile stats
More details about statistics is available in ‘System Reports’.
The different actions available for the users are given below.
Login – Admin can login to the user account to do the basic operations if required.
Mail – Admin can send a mail to the user with the help of this link. It contains a subject and Message body.
XYZ Admarket - Send Email
Add Fund– Admin can add fund directly to the user advertiser account.
XYZ Admarket - Add Fund
There are 5 types of payment modes in “Add Fund” section.
  • Bonus – This is the amount added to the user advertiser account as a bonus.
  • Check – This is the check payment of the user. Admin can add this after verifying the check procedure.
  • Bank – This is the direct bank transfer amount.
  • Paypal – These are the amount using paypal transfer.
  • 2co – These are the amount through 2co.
Change Status – Here admin can change the advertiser and publisher status of the user.
XYZ Admarket - Change User Status
Delete – Admin can delete the user account using this link.
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