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Payment and Withdrawal Settings

Admin can configure the payment settings for advertisers and withdrawal settings for publishers here.

payment settings

Advertiser Payment Settings

  • Minimum Amount Advertiser Can Deposit – This is the minimum amount  advertiser can deposit.
  • Advertiser Minimum Balance For Email Notification – This is the minimum balance for email notification to the advertiser. If the advertiser balance below this value, the system will send an email notification to the advertiser about the low balance.

Check Payment Settings

Here admin can set the address for check payments if enable the option.

  • Enable Check Payment Mode – Enable this option for check payments from advertisers
  • Payee Name – Enter the payee name here. (Name of the admin who receives the check payments from advertisers)
  • Payee Address Line 1 – Enter the address line 1 here.
  • Payee Address Line 2 – Enter the address line 2 here.
  • Payee City – Enter the city name.
  • Payee State – Enter the state.
  • Payee Country – Enter the country name.

Bank Payment Settings

  • Enable Bank Payment Mode – Enable this option for direct bank transfer of amounts from advertisers.
  • Beneficiary Name – Enter the bank account beneficiary name.
  • Bank Account Number – Enter the bank account number here.
  • Swift/Routing Number – Enter the Swift/Routing number of the bank.
  • Bank Name – Enter the bank name here.
  • Bank Address Line 1 – Enter the bank address line 1.
  • Bank Address Line 2 – Enter the bank address line 2.
  • Bank City – Enter the city name of the bank.
  • Bank State – Enter the state of the bank.
  • Bank Country – Enter the country.
  • Bank Account Type – Enter the bank account type here.

Paypal Payment Settings

  • Enable Paypal Payment Mode – Enable this for paypal payment  options to advertisers. Using this option, advertisers can add money to their account using paypal
  • Paypal Currency – Enter the paypal currency here.
  • Paypal Email – Enter your paypal email where you receive payments from your advertisers.
  • Paypal Payment Description – Description of paypal payment to advertisers.

Publisher Withdrawal Settings

  • Minimum Balance In Publisher Account For Withdrawal – Enter the minimum amount in publisher account for withdrawing here.
  • Enable Check Withdrawal Mode – Enable this option if you want to use check withdrawal for your publishers.
  • Enable Bank Withdrawal Mode – Enable this option if you want to use direct bank withdrawal for your publishers.
  • Enable Paypal Withdrawal Mode – Enable this option if you want to use paypal withdrawal for your publishers.
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