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Admin Ad Code Report

The admin’s ad codes reports are displayed here.

Admin’s ad codes means the adcodes used in admin’s websites.

admin ad code report

Here we can see the ad code report of the periods “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Last 14 days”, “Last 30 days”, “Last 12 months”, “All Time” and “Custom Date”.

We can see the total impressions, total clicks, CTR and money gained by clicking visitors on the ads by the admin adcode.

Click on the ad code name to display the detailed statistics.

admin ad code report-overall

We can see the time based statistics here.

admin ad code report-time based

We will get the statistics of each hour, if the time period is “Today”, statistics of all days in the range, if the time period is “Last 14 days or Last 30 days”, statistics of all months if selected the “Last 12 months” and the statistics if all years, if selected the “All Time”.

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