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Twitter Settings

To create a new twitter account in the plugin, click on the “Create New Account” button.

You have to create a Twitter application before filling the twitter settings fields.
To create a new Twitter application please follow the link

Specify your website for the application. This is given in the settings page.
In the twitter application, navigate to Settings > Application Type > Access. Here select Read and Write option.
After updating access, navigate to Details > Your access token in the application and click Create my access token button.

twitter add account

  • Application Name – You can enter the name of your application here.
  • API Key – Here enter the API key from twitter application.
  • API Secret – Enter the API secret here.
  • Twitter username – Enter your twitter username here.
  • Access token – Here you can enter the twitter application access token.
  • Access token secret – Enter the access token secret here.
  • Attach media to twitter post – If you want to attach images or video with the twitter post, use this option.

Override Publishing Settings

override publishing settings twitter

  • Override default settings of multi-photo tweet (Available only if we select image in the attach media section)- We can enable or disable the multi photo option here.
    multi photo
  • Override default settings of `page` publishing – We can override the page publishing option and publish or don’t publish pages here.
    publish pages twitter
  • Override default settings of `post` publishing – We can override the post publishing option and publish or don’t publish posts here. We can also select the category here if required.

Note: If you are selecting specific category, we can select the ‘category selection mode’.
publish posts

  • Override default settings of `custom post type` publishing – We can override the custom post type publishing option here.
    publish custom post type
  • Override default message format for publishing – Here we can override the message format. We can use
    1. message from template
    template message
    2. custom message
    custom message
  • Override auto publish selection for this account in posts/pages creation metabox – Override this account’s auto selection option in the metabox while creating the post or page.
  • Override auto publish selection for this account in posts/pages edit metabox – Override this account’s auto selection option in the metabox while editing the post or page.

Override Scheduling settings (Applicable only if the scheduling is enabled in the settings page)

scheduling settings

  • Override scheduling of auto publish and publish instantaneously to this account  – We can override the scheduling option and use the instantaneous publishing of this account.
  • Override default min. time delay for auto publishing in case of scheduled publishing  – We can setup a minimum delay for each social media account in case of scheduled publishing and so it will publish after the delay to that social media.
  • Override publishing delay between consecutive posts – We can override the delay between consecutive posts.


After creating the new account, please click on the “Save” button.


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