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Facebook Settings

The settings for the Social Media Auto Publish are given below.

Click on the Social Media Auto Publish plugin menu in the left menu bar to get the settings page.


Facebook Settings

Facebook settings are given below.

FB Settings - SMAP

You have to create a Facebook application before filling the facebook settings details.

To create a new Facebook application follow the link


From the facebook application, you will get the application id and application secret. Enter these values in the space provided.

1. Application Name – You can enter any name here. This name will consider as the album name in facebook.

2. Application id – Enter the application id from facebook application here.

3. Application Secret – Enter the facebook application secret here.

4. Message Format for posting – This is the message format for posting in the facebook. You can add your message with post title, blog title etc. here. The codes are given below.

  • {BLOG_TITLE} – This is the title of the blog (wordpress site name)
  • {POST_TITLE} – Title of your post.
  • {PERMALINK} – This is the URL of the post.
  • {POST_EXCERPT} – This is the summary of your post.
  • {POST_CONTENT} – This is the description of the post.
  • {USER_NICENAME} – This is the nice name of the author.
  • {POST_ID} – This is the ID of the post
  • {POST_PUBLISH_DATE} – This is the post publish date.
  • {USER_DISPLAY_NAME} – This is the user display name.
If you want to display the post title, the link to the post and the summary of the post, please use the codes  {POST_TITLE} – {PERMALINK} – {POST_EXCERPT}. You can select the code from the dropdown menu.

5. Posting Method – We have 5 posting methods

  • Simple Text Message – We can add simple text messages to our facebook account with this option. A sample image is given below.

simple text message

  • Text Message with Image – Here we can add text and image in facebook. We have 2 options in this method.
  • Upload image to app album – Here we have an album for the app and all the uploaded images are present in this album. All our post images are available in this album. For the first 2 images, we donot have an album option. From the third images, all our images are in the app album. A sample image is given below.
  • Upload image to timeline album – We can upload the image to timeline using this method. Here we can see the text and related images in the timeline. This option is available if your profile has a timeline album.

time line album

  • Text Message with Attached Link – Here we can add text with attached link in facebook. We have 2 options here.
  • Attach your blog post – Using this option we can attach the blog  post with facebook post. A sample image of attaching the blog post in facebook is given below.

attach your blog

  • Share a link to your blog post – Using this option we can have the option of “Share” with the facebook post. A sample image of sharing a link to the blog post in facebook is given below.

share a link 2

6. Enable auto publish post on my facebook account – If you want to publish your blog posts in facebook automatically, enable this option.

Save this option and it will ask to “Authorize the fb app”

fb authorization

When you click on the “Authorize” button, it will redirect to a facebook popup dialog box.

Step 1:


There is some warnings and you can ignore the warning and click the “OK” button.

Step 2:

step 2

Select the “Public” option and click OK.

Step 3:

step 3

In the step 3 click OK and the authorization is complete.

Now you can see all your fb pages and you can select the fb page to auto publish.

fb pages

7. Select facebook pages for auto publish – You can select your facebook pages where you want to publish the blog posts. If you have different facebook pages and profile page, you can select where you want to publish the blog post.

Note 1 : You can see this option (Select facebook pages for auto publish) only after authorizing the facebook account. In the first time when you entering the values, this field is not available. After entering the values, you need to authorize the FB account and then you can see the facebook pages for auto publish.Save the facebook settings again after selecting the page where you want to display the post.

Note 2 : While authorizing, please make sure that you have entered the correct facebook keys and details. If any of the value is incorrect, it won’t authorize the account.

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