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How can I use the alternate solution (smapsolutions app) for publishing posts to Facebook?

Note: Deprecated Groups API for Facebook

As of v19.0, Meta’s Groups API is deprecated and will be removed from all versions on April 22, 2024. Auto publishing to groups from social media plugins is no longer allowed. Regrettably, no alternatives or updates are available at this time.

At present we need to submit the facebook app for review to get it approved. We can use the approved app in the plugin.

We are introducing an alternate solution where you can use an already approved app for publishing your wordpress posts to facebook.

Please note that “This solution is a paid service and the price starts from USD 10 per year”.

The procedure is given below.

Step 1: Premium Plugin

In the facebook account section in the plugin, please select the approved app option “Use smapsolutions.com’s facebook application”.

smapsolutions app

Please enter other details and save it.

Now click on the reauthenticate button.


It will display a popup and login to your fb account.

Step 1: Free Plugin

Please select the approved app option and click on the connect to xyzscripts account button.

connect the account

Now it will display a popup to login to xyzscripts or register to xyzscripts.

smap registration

If you are creating a new account, it will send a confirmation mail to the registered email and click on the confirmation link.

smap registration confirmation

After confirming the email, please save it and click on the “authorize” button.


Step 2 : Applicable to both Premium and Free Plugins

Now you can purchase the SMAP Package. The price depends on the number of facebook accounts, API calls per hour per account and number of facebook pages per account.

For publishing a simple text message, it will take 1 API call, Upload image option will take 2-3 API calls and attach link option takes 1-2 API calls.

Posting Method No. of API calls required in Facebook

Simple Text Message.


Attach Link

1-2 ( if clear cache enabled )

Upload Image


Multi Photo Upload

2 + 1 x No.of images

Upload Video

(size/5)*1 +2

3 purchase plan png 278×385

After purchasing the package and successful payment it will redirect to Facebook authorisation flow.

Now click on the continue button.

After Facebook authorization is completed, facebook pages will be listed.

6 page selection2

Select pages and click the continue button,it will redirect to the edit-account page,where the selected pages displayed.

7 edit acc WordPress

Now save the account and it is ready to publish to the selected fb pages.

Step 3: Applicable to premium plugin only

Publishing post to facebook groups

In the premium plugin, after the authorization of the app we can select the fb groups (where we are an admin).

After selecting the fb groups for publishing, we need to add the app to the group.

For this process, please see How can I add or remove an app from a group that I manage?

If we have not added the app to the group it will show the following error message.

[Error] => (#200) Requires either publish_to_groups permission and app being installed in the group, or manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with sufficient administrative permission

From the facebook API v7.0 onwards we are getting the following error message.

[Error] => (#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group, and \ either publish_to_groups permission with user token, or both pages_read_engagement \ and pages_manage_posts permission with page token; If posting to a page, \ requires both pages_read_engagement and pages_manage_posts as an admin with \ sufficient administrative permission.

Error cases on authorization procedure

  1. Click on continue without selecting pages
    8 ERR case _select atleast one page
  2. Page limit reached
    9 ERR case _limit exceeded upgrade package
    In this case you can upgrade the package by clicking on the upgrade plan.
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