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Advanced Autopublish Scheduler Addon

After the activation we can see the “Quick Schedule” and “Advanced schedules” options in the menu. (If you cannot see this, please refresh the page.)

AS addon menu

In the plugin settings page we can setup the advanced scheduling.

advanced autopublish settings

  • Account selection if multiple accounts(per social media) are eligible for auto publish – If there are many social media accounts we can select the advanced scheduling option. There are 3 options available. We can use accounts as per the account schedule, Choose all eligible accounts or choose a random account for advanced scheduling.
  • Publishing delay for multipage accounts – This is the delay set after publishing the post to ‘x’ pages.
  • Publishing delay between 2 consecutive posts to a social media – This is the delay between 2 consecutive posts to a social media account.
  • Facebook post publishing Method – We have 1 step and 2 step publishing. In one step we can upload the post to facebook and publish it in facebook at the same time. In the 2 step publishing we can upload the post to facebook and set a delay before publishing in facebook.
  • Facebook Publish delay – This is the Facebook Publish delay for the 2 step publishing.
  • Use wordpress post publish time while publishing to facebook pages  – Here we can show the post original publishing date in facebook instead of the facebook publishing time.
  • Delete posts from facebook after an interval – We can delete the posts published to facebook using the plugin after a delay. This is the interval to delete the posts from Facebook.
  • Min. time delay for deleting posts from facebook – This is the minimum time delay for deleting the posts from facebook.
  • Facebook Post delete Cron command – This is the facebook post delete cron command. Using this we can delete the posts from Facebook which are published through the SMAP plugin and also the facebook delete logs.
  • Cron interval for clearing facebook delete logs – This is the interval for removing the ‘facebook delete logs’ from the system.
  • Max. no. of facebook post delete tasks to be processed per cron – This is the maximum number of posts deleted from facebook in a single cron execution.
  • Enable automatic republishing – We can enable the republishing of all posts to social media here. (We can also override it in each accounts.)
  • Republish interval – This is the interval of republishing the post.
  • Stop republishing based on – We can stop the republishing based on the date or republish count.
    • Stop Time – This is the stop time of the republishing.
    • Republish Count – This is the republish count to stop republishing.

For the proper working you need to setup the cron job in your server. More details available in

Quick Schedule

Quick schedule will work only if the ‘scheduling of the automatic publishing’ is enabled.

quick schedule

In the quick schedule page you can select the post/post types for publishing, social media account and select the time range.

Here we can select all category or specific category posts or custom post type to publish.

Also we can select the social media accounts to publish and set the start date and end date.

We have the option of sorting the posts by ascending or descending order of publish time or update time.

We have the option of not publishing some posts by entering the post id. The excluded posts won’t publish through the quick scheduling. You can add multiple post ids, separated by comma.

We can also republish the old posts and set the delay for publishing. We can stop the republishing based on date or republish count.

When we submit the quick schedule, it will schedule all the selected posts/post types in the date period to selected social media. Using the quick schedule option we can publish the old posts to social media without editing each posts.

Advanced Schedules

When creating a new post/page/custom post type, we can enable the advanced scheduling. This option is available as a metabox in the bottom of each post.

Advance Scheduling

We can enable the advanced scheduling here and set the start time of publishing the post to social media. (Please note that the advanced scheduling will work only with the cron job enabled. If you set the time 10 hours and 0 minutes, it will publish only if the cron runs at the same time.)

To republish the post again please enable the automatic republishing option and can set the republish interval. We can also set teh delay for publishing to facebook.

We can see all the advanced scheduled posts in the “Advanced Schedules” section.


Here we can see the start time, repeat status, repeat interval, FB posting method, Fb posting interval, Time. To edit the advanced scheduling, click the “Edit” button and to delete the scheduling ,click the “Delete” button.

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