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I cannot publish to Facebook. Why?

At present we can publish to facebook with an approved app only.

If the app is not approved with all permissions it will show the error

Invalid Scopes: publish_pages, manage_pages. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present.

For this we can submit our own facebook app for approval or use a third party approved app.

These 2 options are given below.

  1. Create a facebook app, submit it for approval and use the app. (We can use our own app only after getting approval from Facebook. For getting approval we need to submit the app for approval and it is a complex procedure and it may take upto 3 months to get approval.)
    The facebook app creation and submissions details are available in https://help.xyzscripts.com/docs/social-media-auto-publish/faq/how-can-i-create-facebook-application/
    Note: If you want us to do the app review submission for you, we can do it for a fee and please contact us to do this.
  2. Use a third party approved app (It is a paid service)
    If you find it difficult to submit your own facebook app for approval, you can use a third party app (which is a paid service that starts from USD 10 per year). The details are available in https://help.xyzscripts.com/docs/social-media-auto-publish/faq/how-can-i-use-the-alternate-solution-for-publishing-posts-to-facebook/

You need to select any one option for publishing to Facebook.

If you are using any of these options and still the post is not publishing to facebook, please check the logs section for any error messages and contact support at https://xyzscripts.com/support/ for help.

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