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How can I create Twitter application?


Unannounced changes to Twitter’s API happening from January 2023.
On Feb 2 they decided to stop the free service gradually and dramatically change the terms and pricing of the Twitter API.

Twitter News


However, a free tier with restricted access is available “now” (not sure how long it will be available) so we are introducing the V2 API version support to our plugins.

Twitter App Creation

Step 1: Apply for Twitter Developer Account

Step 2: Project Description

Step 3: Twitter Default App

Step 4: Twitter Project

Step 5: Twitter Project Details

Step 6Twitter App Details

Step 7: Authentication settings

Step 8: Generate keys and tokens


To create a Twitter application, we need to apply for a developer account.

Go to https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/apps/new

Step 1: Apply for Twitter Developer Account

If you do not have a developer account, it will redirect to the developer account section when you go to https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/apps/new . If your developer account is approved, please go to Step 3.

Twitter Developer page 1

Sign up for a free account or choose your plan according to your requirement(you can check the details at https://developer.twitter.com/en ).
*The free tier supports 50 API calls per day and will allow only 1 app under 1 project.
1,500 Tweets per month – posting limit at the app level
*The basic tier supports 100 API calls per day and will allow only 2 apps under 1 project.
3,000 Tweets per month – posting limit at the user level ($100 per month)
*The pro tier supports 100 API calls per day and will allow 3 apps.
300,000  Tweets per month – posting limit at the app level ($5,000 per month)
*The Enterprise tier For businesses and scaled commercial projects ($42,000 per month)
(Note: per app and per user limit and other endpoint rate limits are different for each tier)

Step 2: Project Description

Describe the project. Here we need to explain how we are using the Twitter API.

A sample description is given below.

I am using a WordPress plugin to publish posts automatically from my blog to Twitter.
The plugin requires Twitter App to publish posts from WordPress to Twitter.
For this, I must create an app and provide the app details such as API key, API secret, Access token, and Access token secret.’
When a new post, custom post type, or page is created on my WordPress site, it contains the title, content, excerpt, images/videos, etc. When clicking the ‘publish’ button on the right side of the post/page/custom post type. The new post/page/custom-post-types will be published on the website as well as on Twitter.
The plugin allows to pre-fill of the tweet content by allowing tweet formats such as POST_TITLE, PERMALINK, etc, which will be replaced by the blog post’s contents, and also attach image/video to the tweet as per settings.

Twitter Developer Agreement

Step 3: Twitter Default App

This will redirect to the developer portal https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/dashboard
A default project and app will be added automatically.

Twitter default app

You can either rename the project and app or delete it to create another one.

If your developer account already has more than 1 app and project then remove the standalone apps and projects(if more than 1). Otherwise, it will be suspended automatically.

Step 4: Create or Edit Twitter Project

Create a new project or rename the default project.

Twitter Edit App

Step 5: Edit Twitter Project Details

Update your Project details and choose the appropriate use case.

Twitter Use Case

Step 6:  Edit Twitter App Details

Edit the default app /add a new one(only 1 app will be allowed for the free tier)

Twitter Authentication

Update settings:

Twitter Update Settings

Step 7: Edit Authentication settings

Set App permissions to Read and Write and also enter the website URL as Callback/redirect URL and website URL in the settings as shown in the screenshot.

Twitter App Permissions

Step 8: Generate keys and tokens

Twitter App Key Generate


Twitter Key Regenerate

Copy the API Key and secret and use it on the plugin settings page for Twitter.

Twitter Key Save

Generate Access token and secret

Twitter Generate Access Token

Copy the token and secret to use in Twitter settings.

Twitter Token Save

Make sure that the token has Read and Write access.

Twitter Read and Write Permission

Now you can publish WordPress posts as tweets with the app.
Note: Image/media upload may take up to 3 API calls for a single image so it is recommended to use {PERMALINK} in the message format to display the preview of the post (Since a thumbnail will be generated from a Twitter card ) and it will take only 1 API call.

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