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How can I auto publish to Linkedin company page?

To publish to the Linkedin company page using the plugin XYZ SMAP  (XYZ Social Media Auto Publish) you need to create a linkedin app and get approval from linkedin.

You can see the app creation and app approval details in https://help.xyzscripts.com/docs/social-media-auto-publish/faq/how-can-i-create-linkedin-application/

When you create the app you need to select the “Marketing Developer Platform” under the products section.

Marketing Developer Platform

Then you can  Verify Company


Click on the “Verify” button.

Now it will show a page to generate verification url.


Click on the “Generate URL” and you can see a url.


Copy this url and paste it in a browser.

Now the page admin can verify the company.


Click on the “Approve verification” button.

The company is now verified and you can see it in the settings section.


Linkedin now sends a mail to you to complete the partner request form.

Complete the survey for API access

On completing the form they will verify it and provide you the access to publish to the company page. It may take upto 30 days.

After getting approval you can see the “Marketing Developer Platform” in the products section of the linkedin app.


Also in the Auth section, you can see all the company page permissions.


Now in the plugin please select “Basic profile fields+company pages” in the V2 API permissions.

select company API

Save the app and authorize it. After the authorization, you can see the company pages and select the company page to auto publish.

linkedin company pages

Now you can auto publish your posts to your linkedin pages.

If there is any issue please contact our support team.



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