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Post link as Facebook comment (to Facebook Page posts)

Add a WordPress post link as a comment (to Facebook Page posts) 
* Requires Facebook review for  pages_manage_engagement and  permission. 
* Supports only Facebook pages. 
App Review Section 
The App Review Process Submission is given below. 
1: Click on the “App Review > Permissions and Features“. 

FB Comment Permissions and Features

2: Now it will redirect to the all permissions and features page and in this, we can select the  pages_manage_engagement and pages_read_user_content permissions and click on the “Request” button. 
FB Comment Create Review Request
3: Now you can see the continue button after the request and click on it.

FB Comment Continue Request

4: Click on each permission and you can add the details of each item.

FB Comment Edit Details

5: Details for pages_manage_engagement and pages_read_user_content
Fb Comment Enter Details
In the detailed step-by-step instructions, please use the detailed steps.
Sample detailed step-by-step instructions are given below: 
1. Go to https://sampledomain/wp-login.php 
2. Log in as an administrator with 
user name: <user name> 
password: <password> 
3. Go to https://sampledomain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=social-media-auto
publish-manageaccounts&action=add-account&type=1 where the user has to enter the 
required settings and authorize the application from the plugin’s settings page. 
4. Enter the application name and settings, then click on the button ‘Save and 
Authenticate’. The “Facebook login” is renamed as authorization here. 
5. It will take you to the Facebook authorization procedure. 
6. Upon successful authorization, if you manage Facebook pages/groups, you will be 
prompted to select the Facebook pages/groups to which you need updates to be 
7. After selecting Facebook pages, you will be returned to the website. 
8. After the authorization is complete, make a post on the website by following the 
below steps, 
8.1: Go to https://sampledomain/wp-admin/post-new.php 
8.2: Fill in some titles and content, and images to post, then click the ‘publish’ button on 
the right side. The new post will be published on the website as well as on the 
Facebook Page with the “post link as a comment”. 
Now upload a video screencast of the procedure. 
After adding the details click on the Save button. 
Complete App Verification and Settings and submit for review 

FB Comment Submit For Review

After a successful App review, authorize or Reauthorize your Facebook account after 
enabling “Add WordPress post link as a comment (to Facebook Page posts)” at SMAP.
FB Comment Settings
Facebook post with a comment.
FB Comment Post

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