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Email Templates

There are 11 email templates to users and 4 email templates to admin.

email templates

There are some template variables used in the emails and these are given below.

{ENGINE} – This is the name of your site. (This name is given in the general settings as “Engine Name”)

{NAME} – This is the name of the user.

{EMAIL} – This is the email of the user.

{CONFIRMURL} – This is the confirmation link.

 {PASSWORD} – This is the password to user.

{STATUS} – This is the user account status.

{ORDERURL} – This is the url of the order.

{AMOUNT} – This is the amount of the transaction.

{PAYMENT_MODE} – This is the payment mode.

{TRANSACTION_ID} – This is the transaction id.

{ITEMNAME} – This is the item name.

{QUANTITY} – This is the quantity of the item.

{SHIPPINGCOMPANY} – This is the shipping company.

{TRACKINGID} – This is the Tracking ID.

{TRACKINGURL} – This is the Tracking Url.

{REMARKS} – This is the remarks by admin.

{PAYER_EMAIL} – This is the email of the payer.

{ECODE} – This is the result of the payment.

{DBENTRY} – This is the database insertion details (whether entered in db or not).

{USERNAME} – Payer user name.

{REASON} – This is the reason for return request.

Click the ‘Edit’ link to edit the email format. A sample email template is given below.edit template

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