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Custom Fields

In the custom field section we can create and manage custom fields and custom field groups.

We can categorize some custom fields under custom field groups.

custom fields

To add a new custom field group, click the link.

add custom field group

Here select the category and enter the group name and click submit.

In the ‘Manage Custom Field Groups’ section, we can see all the custom field groups and can manage them.

manage custom field groups

Using the up and down arrow in the priority, we can change the priority of the custom field groups.

Add Custom Field

In the ‘Add Custom Field’ section we can add a new custom field.

add custom field

1. Select Category : First you need to select a category from the drop down menu.

2. Select Custom Field Group : Based on the category selected, we can see the custom field group here. Please select a group. If there is no group for a category, please create one and then only we can add a new custom field.

3. Field Name : We can add the field name here.

4. Type : We have 3 types of custom fields, Text Box, Text Area and Dropdown.

custom field types

Based on the type, there are some extra fields.

5. Make this field mandatory : If you want to make this field mandatory, please use this option. Otherwise select NO.

6. Allow Numeric Values Only (Applicable only to the Text Box type) : If you want to allow only numeric values to the field, please use this option. Then we can add only numeric values to this field. (For example : Telephone number, zip code etc.)

7. Value (Applicable only to the Drop Down type) : Here we need to add the values for the drop down menu, separated by comma. A screenshot is given below.

custom field dd

After entering the details, click the ‘Submit’ button and the new field is now created.

Manage Custom Fields

In the ‘Manage Custom Fields’ section, we can see and manage all the custom fields.

manage custom fields

Here we can see all the custom fields of all categories.

Please select a category and custom field group to see the custom fields in that group and change their order.

manage custom fields - category

Here click the up and down arrow keys to change the order of priority.

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