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Configurations: Email Settings

The email settings are given below.email settings

1. Admin Email Address : This is the email address of admin. It is used if admin forgot the login password.

2. General Notification Email : This is the email address used to receive notifications.

3. Default Sender Email : This is the sender email address.

4. Default Sender Name : This is the email sender name.

5. SMTP Mailing : You can enable the SMTP mailing here. If it is selected ‘NO’, the phpmail function is used for sending emails. The followings are applicable only if the SMTP mailing is selected.

  • SMTP Auth : This is the SMTP authentication. Most SMTP servers need authentication for sending emails.
  • SMTP Debug : Enable this option to check whether there is any error on SMTP mailing.
  • SMTP Host : This is the SMTP host name.
  • SMTP User : Enter your SMTP user name here.
  • SMTP Password : Enter the password here.
  • SMTP Port : Enter the SMTP port here.
  • SMTP Secure : Enter the SMTP security here.

After adding all the details click the ‘Update’ button.

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