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Manage Shipping

In the ‘Manage Shipping’ section, we can add and manage shipping companies, shipping regions, price bands and shipping classes.

manage shipping

Add Shipping Company

Here we can add a new shipping company.

add shipping company

Here enter the shipping company name and Tracking URL and click ‘Submit’.

Manage Shipping Companies

Here we can see all the shipping companies and can manage them.

manage shipping companies

Manage Shipping Regions

Here we can enable the shipping regions and countries.

manage shipping regions

Manage Price Bands

In this section we can create different price bands and we can use different shipping charge based on the price band.

manage price bands

Add Shipping Class

We can add a shipping class here. In the shipping class, we are adding the shipping cost for local, national and international shipping and the local shipping locations.

add shipping class

1. Shipping Class Name : First we need to add a class name.

Local Shipping Settings

2. Supported Zip Codes for local shipping: You can enter the zip codes of the shipping locations. You can add the zip codes separated by comma (1,2,3 etc.), a range of zip codes (1:10,15:34 etc.). The local shipping is available to these zip code places only.

3. Shipping Type : We have 5 shipping types here. Free shipping, Flat rate for any quantity, fixed rate per unit, weight based and price banded. The details are given below.

  • Free Shipping : The shipping is free and there is no charge for shipping.
  • Flat Rate for any quantity : Here the shipping fee is flat for any quantity. If the rate is USD 10, the shipping charge is USD 10 if we purchase 1 item or 10 items or 100 items.

flat rate

  • Fixed Rate per unit : Here the user need to pay separate shipping charge for each item. Consider, if the fee is USD 5 and if you are purchasing one item, the shipping charge is USD 5 and when purchasing 5 items, the shipping charge is USD 25. There are some extra features.

fixed rate

A) Shipping Price Per Unit : This is the shipping fee per unit.

B) Shipping Price Per Additional Unit : You can add separate shipping fee for additional units. (For example, consider Shipping price is USD 5 and for additional units are USD 3. If anyone purchasing 3 units, the total shipping fee is USD 5+3=USD 8 )

C) Free Shipping Above X Units : You can add free shipping if users buy certain quantity of the unit.

  • Weight Based – In this we can add the shipping class based on weight of the product.

weight based shipping

Here we can enter the minimum shipping price and the price per weight.

  • Price Banded

Here we can setup the shipping price based on the price.

price banded shipping price

Here we can add the shipping price based on the price band.

4. Local Pickup : If you allow users to pickup the items from the company itself, tick this option.

5. Estimated Delivery Time(days) : Here we can add the estimate delivery time in days. Only numbers or valid range separated by hyphen are allowed.

National Shipping Settings

For the national shipping, we have 6 shipping types, No Shipping, Free Shipping, Flat Rate for any quantity, Fixed rate per unit, weight based and price banded.

national shipping

The states are added from the manage shipping region section and you can remove some regions for shipping type.

If you have separate shipping criteria for each region, you can add multiple shipping types.

International Shipping Settings

For the international shipping, we have 6 shipping types, No Shipping, Free Shipping, Flat Rate for any quantity, Fixed rate per unit, weight based and price banded.

international shipping

Manage Shipping Classes

Here we can see and manage all shipping classes.manage shipping classes

Click the edit button to edit the class or delete button to delete the class.

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