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In the category section we can add new categories and manage the categories.


To add a new category, click the ‘Add Category’ link.

add category

Enter the category name and click ‘Submit’.

In the ‘Manage Categories’ section we can manage the categories.

manage categories

1. Manage Brands : Click the manage brands button to manage brands in the category.

manage brands 3

2. Add Child (Sub Categories) : To add a sub category, click the ‘Add Child’ button. To the right of each category name, we can see the sub category count.

3. Edit : Click the edit button to edit the category.

4. Delete : Click the delete button to delete a category.

5. Make Featured : Click this button to make a category as featured category.

6. Enable/Disable Footer Display : You can enable/disable the footer display of the category. If the footer display is enabled, the category is listed in site footer.

7. Block : We can block a category by clicking this button.

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