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SMTP Accounts

We can add and manage SMTP accounts here.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-SMTP

Add SMTP Account

We can add a new SMTP account in this section. The settings are given below.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Add SMTP Account

SMTP General Settings

1. Authentication – Set the authentication “TRUE” or “FALSE” depending on the hosting server.

Some server allow to send emails with authentication only. In such a case use the option “TRUE”.

2. Host Name – This is the name of the host. If you are using the SMTP account of the same hosting where the XYZ Mail Manager Ultimate script is installed, the host name may be “localhost”.

If you are using an external SMTP account, use the proper hostname.

3. Username – This is the SMTP username.

4. Password – This is the password of the SMTP account.

5. Port Number – This is the port number of the SMTP server used. This is different for different SMTP hosts.

6. Security – This is the security measure used in the SMTP account. The different security options are ssl, tls, notls etc.

Note: You can refer your hosting support to get the SMTP port number and security, if you are not an expert.

Also you can make these settings as the default one to send emails using SMTP.

SMTP Bounce Detection Settings

Detect Bounce Reports To This Account – Use this option if you want to detect the bounce reports to this SMTP account.

Here you need to add the following details.

Host Name – This is the host name of the email address.

Service (IMAP or POP3) – Specify the service you are using for your incoming emails, IMAP or POP3.

Service Options (none, tls, notls, ssl, etc ) – This is the service option or security used with the email service.

Port – Enter the port address of the incoming emails here.

Default Mail Box – This is the default mail box where all the bounced email reports are reached.

Bounce Start Message Number – This is the starting number of processing emails in the mail box. (For example,consider you have already 500 emails in the mailbox and you are expecting bounced emails after that. In such a case you can use 501 as starting number.)

Email Process Batch Size – This is the number of bounced emails processed in a single execution.

Manage SMTP Accounts

Click on the ‘Manage SMTP Accounts’ to see and manage all SMTP accounts.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Manage SMTP Accounts

Here we can Block, Edit and Delete the SMTP accounts.

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