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Custom Fields

Custom Fields are those fields added with the email address for more information. In this section you can add new custom fields and manage the fields.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Custom Fields

Add Custom Field

You can add extra custom fields like first name, last name, age, sex, job, salary –anything, here.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Add Custom Field

The procedure of adding a new field is given below.

Enter the field name (eg: Age), select the field value and the default value if any.

There are 7 types of fields present in the XYZ Email Manager Ultimate script. These are

  • Text Field
  • Dropdown List
  • Date
  • Text Area
  • Numeric
  • Radio Button
  • Check Box
For the dropdown list, radio button and checkbox, we need to enter the values separated by comma as in the following figure.
XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Add Custom Field 2

Manage Custom Fields

You can see all the custom fields created and edit or delete these fields.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Manage Custom Fields

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