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Bulk Operations

In this section we can do some bulk operations like bulk subscribe, bulk unsubscribe and bulk delete of emails.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Bulk Operations

Bulk Insert

We can insert bulk emails to a list from a non formatted text.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Extract Email from Text

Here you can enter the text containing email addresses and the system will fetch the email addresses and add them to the list. See the image below.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Email Lists extracted

Bulk Delete

We can delete multiple emails using this option.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Bulk Delete

Here enter the email addresses or text containing email addresses and click delete. It will delete all the emails entered here from the list. The emails will be deleted from the system, if no email list is selected.

Bulk Unsubscribe

We can unsubscribe bulk emails from the list/system in this section.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Bulk Unsubscribe

Here enter the emails to unsubscribe and click the unsubscribe button.

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