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Notification Emails

Notification emails are the emails used as notifications.

There are 3 notification emails. Subscription Pending Email, Welcome Email and Unsubscription Notification.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Manage Templates

1. Subscription Pending Email – This is the email send to a subscriber after subscribing to the newsletter (in the double opt-in selected sites). This email template contains a link for activating the subscription. Don’t remove the activation link from the mail template while editing this.

2. Welcome Mail – This is the email send to a subscriber when the subscription is active.

3. Unsubscription Notification – This is the mail send to a user after unsubscribing from the system.

To edit the email template, first select the notification and click ‘Edit’. In the template we can add the custom fields or unsubscription link from the drop down menu.

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