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Campaign Templates

In the campaign templates section, we can create and manage templates.

Campaign template is the predefined html design of an email campaign. We can use these templates for creating email campaigns without recreating the html design.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Campaign Templates

Create Template

We can create a template here.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Create Template

Here select the email type and enter the template name.

In the template content you can use the custom fields also.

Note: Do not remove the variable {content} from the template body. In the email, the variable {content} will be replaced with the campaign content. If you remove this, the email contains only the template and not the campaign content.

Manage Templates

Here we can see all the templates and can manage them.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Manage Templates

Different actions are given below.

actions 2

Preview – We can see the preview of the template.

Edit – To edit the template click the edit link.

Delete –  To delete the template click the delete link.

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