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Admin Home Page

The XYZ Email Manager Ultimate is divided up into two parts (Figure 3.a).

The side menu bar and content panel.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Home

 Figure 3.a – The XYZ Email Manager Ultimate Admin Interface

The Side Menu Bar

The side menu bar displays in every screen.

All the links are available in the side menu bar. To view the links related to each menu, click the ‘down arrow’ symbol in the menu tab. To close the links showing in the menu, click the ‘up arrow’ symbol.

The Content Panel

This is the active panel. If you want to do any operation, you can select the link in the side menu bar and the selected link will display in the content panel.

You can do any operation in the content panel only.

The different Menu items or functions that we can do here are listed below.

  • Configurations – It contains the basic settings, SMTP accounts, Notification messages and Custom fields
  • Email Lists – Create and manage email lists and subscription codes
  • Email Addresses – All functions related to email addresses and export/import emails
  • Email Campaigns – Email campaigns with related settings and campaign templates
  • Bounce Handling – Bounce detection and manage of bounced emails
  • My Account – The admin profile

The admin home page contains some basic statistics of the system.

1. Email List and Email – Displays total email lists and total emails in the system.

2. Queue Statistics – Displays the email fired or executed in the present hour and the hourly email sending limit.

3. SMTP Setting – Displays whether the SMTP mailing and debug are enabled or not.

4. Campaign Statistics – Displays the campaign statistics like pending, paused, active, draft, completed and total email campaigns.

5. Cron Execution Info – Displays the cron start time and end time.

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