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Bounce Detection

Here we can detect all the bounced back emails.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Bounce Mail Detection

First we need to select the detection method.

We have 3 detection methods.

1. Detect From Default Account, 2. Detect From SMTP, 3. Detect Manually.

In the ‘Detect From Default Account’ method, we are using the default account entered in the settings page. The other settings are given below.

Bounce Start Message Condition – This is the ‘starting bounced mail’ detection condition. We can select the option ‘Proceed from the last detected message’ or ‘specify a message number’. In the  ‘Proceed from the last detected message’, it will proceed detection from the last detected message. In the  ‘specify a message number’, we can add the message number and it will detect from that message.

Email Process Batch Size – This is the number of bounced emails processed in each detection cycle. If the value is 100, it will process 100 emails and detect  the bounced emails.

Delete Bounce Report After Detection – If you want to delete the bounced report (bounced email) after the detection, please use this option.

Bounce Email Handling – In this section we can detect and manage the bounced email addresses. If you select ‘Detect only’, the bounce detection only detects the bounced email addresses. In the ‘Detect and delete’ option, it will detect the bounced email address and delete them from the system. If the option is ‘Detect and unsubscribe’, it will unsubscribe the bounced email addresses after detection.

If the bounce detection method is ‘Detect from SMTP’, we need to select the SMTP account for detection also.

In the bounce detection method ‘Detect Manually’, we need to enter the email address and the host details for detection as given below.

XYZ Email Manager Ultimate-Manual Bounce Mail Detection

Bounced Emails

In the bounced emails section we can see all the bounced email addresses.

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