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License Key

We can enter the license key of the XYZ WP Contact Form Here.

License Key

After entering the license key, click the submit button.

You can generate the license key from your XYZScripts Member Area.

Please go to the member area and click on the ‘Purchased Products’ link.

member area

Now you can see all your products here.

Manage products

In this click on the ‘Manage License’ link of the XYZ WP Contact Form.

create license

You can see all your licenses (if already created) here. To create a new license key, click on the ‘Create License’ button.

create license - cfm

Enter your site name and click ‘Submit’.

Note : If you are installing it in a subfolder, (say xyzscripts.com/wp/) don’t use the complete path here. Just enter the site name only. (That is use only xyzscripts.com)

The license key is now created. It is in the pending state by default.

 activate license - cfm

Click on the ‘Activate’ link to activate it.

Now you can copy this code and paste it in your XYZ WP Contact Form license key section.

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