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Mail to site Admin

This is the settings of the admin emails where you want to get emails from the contact form.

Mail to site admin

To Email – This is the email of the site admin where you want to receive the messages from your clients.

CC – This is the carbon copy address of the mail.

BCC – This is the blind carbon copy field.

From Email – Originally this is the email address of the sender. You need to add the email code in this section. The email code looks like “[email-2]”. But in some servers it does not allow to send emails with other server name emails. In such servers you need to set the from address as your email with the same server domain extension.

Note: If the SMTP is enabled in the contact form, a dropdown menu with all SMTP accounts will display here. You can select the desired SMTP account.

Sender name – This is the name of the sender. You need to add the name code generated here. The name code should be like “[text-1] ”.

Subject – This is the subject of the mail. You can use the subject code here to display the subject in the mail. The subject code will be like “[text-3]”.

Contact Form - Mail to Site Admin 2

Mail content type- Two options here, HTML and Plain text. To create a beautiful email, please use the html option.

Email Body – This is the content of the email. The different codes generated can be used to get information.

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