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Change the Language

If you want to use the contact form in your own language, other than English, you want to translate the language file and upload the new file to the contact form language folder.

In wordpress, we are using .mo and .po files as language files. The.mo file is not human readable and to edit the .mo file, we need to use a third party software call poedit. The steps to change the language is given below. Here we are translating the language to French (fr_FR).


Step 1
Download poEdit From https://www.poedit.net/download.php

Step 2
Install poEdit and Launch it.

Step 3
Go To ‘File -> New catalog from POT file

Step 4
Browse for the file ‘contact-form-manager.pot‘ which is in your YOUR_WORDPRESS_FOLDER/wp-contents/plugin/contact-form-manager/languages folder.
Click ‘Open’

Step 5
Fill in the following details to the settings:

  • Project name and version: Contact Form Manager 1.0
  • Team: Fill in your own name
  • Team’s email address: Fill in your own email address
  • Language: French (If your language is French, otherwise please use your language name)
  • Country: FRANCE (Use your country)
  • Charset: utf-8
  • Source code charset: As it is

Click ‘Ok’
Save it as contact-form-manager-fr_FR.po in YOUR_WORDPRESS_FOLDER/wp-contents/plugin/contact-form-manager/languages folder.

If your language is different, please use the corresponding language and country code instead of fr_FR in contact-form-manager-fr_FR.po
Click ‘Save’

Step 6
Type in the translated string in the small box located at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
Translate the remaining strings.

Step 7
When you are done, click on the ‘Save Catalog‘ button located on the top, it is the second button from the left.

Step 8
Upload contact-form-manager-fr_FR.po and contact-form-manager-fr_FR.mo to your site into YOUR_WORDPRESS_FOLDER/wp-contents/plugin/contact-form-manager/languages folder.
Just a note, the contact-form-manager-fr_FR.mo is automatically generated by poEdit, you need the file in order for the translation to work.

Step 9
Make sure that WordPress is already in your own language or the plugin translation will not work.


Note: This language translation is applicable only to the public pages messages and not for the admin pages.

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