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SMTP Settings

If you want to use SMTP accounts with the contact form manager, you can add the SMTP details here.

If there is no SMTP account, you need to create an account.


Click the “Add New SMTP Account” to create a new account.

add smtp

In this page, you need to enter the Authentication, Host Name, Email Address, Password, Port Number and  Security.

If you are using the same server for sending mails, you can use ‘localhost’ as Host Name and port number 25.

The commonly used security for non secured mail server is ‘notls’ and for the secured server is ‘ssl’.

The authentication is required mainly for ssl servers. For other servers you can use ‘False’ for authentication.

After entering all these details, click the create button and it will create a new SMTP account.

Now the contact form will work based on SMTP.

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