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It contains some basic settings of the contact form

General Settings

Tiny MCE filter – You can enable/ disable the tiny MCE filter which help you to prevent the auto removal of the<br> and <p> tags in the form.

If the tiny MCE filter is enabled, the wordpress HTML editor will not delete the <br>, <p> tags from the editor.

Enable * for mandatory form fields – If you enabled this option, all the mandatory fields will display a ‘*’ to the right of each field.

Otherwise you need to add a mandatory symbol with the mandatory fields.

Send via SMTP -In some server it won’t allow you to send emails using PHP mail function. In such conditions you can use the option SMTP mailing. For this you need to enable the SMTP feature and set the SMTP settings in XYZ Contact > SMTP Settings Page.

SMTP Debug – You need to enable this only to find out the error messages if any. By enabling this, you can find all the errors related to SMTP

Date Format for date picker field – We have 2 types of date formats, mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy.

The format mm/dd/yyyy displays month/date/year format and dd/mm/yyyy displays in date/month/year format. For example please consider the date December 30th 2012. In mm/dd/yyyy format it will display as 12/30/2012. In dd/mm/yyyy format it will display as 30/12/2012.

ReCaptcha Private Key and Public Key – This is the keys received from reCaptcha site. You can generate the license keys from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/

Pagination Limit – This is the number of items displayed in a single page. If you set 10, only 10 items will display in admin single page. This is applicable in the contact forms page.

Hide Premium version Ads – We can disable the premium version ads from the header of the plugin by enabling this option.

Credit link to author – This is the credit link to author as a symbol of your support to the plugin. When you enable this link, a small credit link will appear in your website.

Contact Form Layout –  We have 2 layouts here. Single column and Two Column.

In the single column layout, there is only one column where the fields are displayed below the labels like in the given image.

single column layout

In the Two column layout, the labels are in left side and the fields are in right side as in the below image.

two column layout

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