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Why CAPTCHA is not working?

We are using 2 types of captcha in the contact form free plugin and 3 types of captcha in the premium plugin

  1. Standard captcha
  2. No captcha reCaptcha
  3. Mathematical Captcha

If you are using the standard captcha, you need GD and FreeType library installed on your server.

If you are using the reCaptcha, please make sure that you have configured the public key and private key.

You can generate the reCpatch Keys from google.com/recaptcha

In this site, go to my account, and click the button Add a new site.

In this please enter your site name and you will get your private key and public key.

Now in the contact form settings page XYZ Contact > Settings, please enter the reCaptcha private and public keys.

Note : The default contact form does not contain any captcha element. For captcha, you need to create the element first and add the element code with the contact form.

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