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Post an Ad

Click on the “Post Your Listing” link to post an item (Ad).

post item

Here enter the item details such as Category, Item Type ( offered or wanted ), Item Title and description.

In the Location/Contact Details, select the Country, State, City, Locality, Address, Seller’s phone number and Seller’s site URL.

In the ‘Location Map’ section, we can add the location in map.

location map

Seller can upload the images of the item or youtube videos.  To upload an image, click on the ‘Upload Photo’ button (highlighted in the image below). In the youtube video section user can add the youtube link.

image and video

We can see the ‘Premium and Home page listing’ options and ‘Additional Information’ based on the category selected.

premium listing

Please tick the “Enable Premium Listing” option if the seller wants to display the item as a premium one. The premium items are displayed in the top of the page with premium badge.

Also we can add the item in home page also.

If the seller selects the premium/home page payment, the seller needs to make the payment using paypal.

make payment

Now pay with paypal and the item is now posted.

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