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XYZ Classifieds Ultimate script can be used to create a classifieds site. It is an advanced version of XYZ Classifieds Standard.

In this classified site, people (seller) can post their items to sell or post an item they want to purchase(buyer).

Posting an item (offering or wanted) in the site is also known as AD (advertisement).

People can browse through these items and can purchase an item from the seller or contact the buyer (who posts items wanted) to sell their item.

The site has 2 sections. User and Admin

User can browse through the site and can see all items (offered and wanted). To  post an item the user need to register with the site and become a member. Only the member can post an item in the site.

A member can become a paid member by selecting a payment plan. A paid member has many advantages.

Also the members can be add an item as featured/premium item so that the featured/premium items will display with high priority in the site. Also a listing can be displayed in the home page also, in the ultimate version of XYZ Classifieds.

The site is displaying all items based on the location. The user can select a location and it will display all items to that location.

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