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Premium Listing Plans

In this section admin can add different premium listing plans.

Premium listings plan

Add Premium Listing Plan:

You can add a new premium listing plan here.

Add Premium Listing Plan

Here you can add the name of plan, number of days for the premium plan and discount.

There are 2 discount types, flat rate and percentage.

In the flat rate, you can give a flat rate discount. In the percentage type you can provide discount by percentage of the total amount.

(For example: Consider your default payment plan is $30 for 30 days. In the payment plan section, you can add a discount of 30% for 1 year payment plan. In such a case you can add number of days as 365, discount type as percentage and discount as 30)

Manage Premium Listing Plans:

You can view and manage all premium listing plans.

Manage premium plans

This page displays the Plan name, discount type, rate, number of days for the plan, status and actions.

You can edit the plans or deactivate and delete these plans here.

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