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Geo Information

The geo information gives  the details of country,region and cities.

Admin can select the countries and manage regions and cities here.

Geo information

Default Countries:

Admin can select the countries for the site here.

Default Countries

The left column contains the list of all countries. You can select the countries you want to add to your site and move them to the right column by clicking on the right arrow.

The countries in the right column are the default countries for the site. If you want to use the site for worldwide, please select all countries in the left column and move them to the right column.

If you have added a country to the right column by mistake, you can remove it using the left arrow. Select the country to deselect and click the left arrow.

Manage Regions:

Admin can add new regions and manage all regions in the countries.

Manage regions

If you want to add a region to a country, first select the country and then add the region name and region code.

Also you can edit and delete the region from the manage regions section.

Manage Cities:

Admin can add new cities and manage the cities here.

Manage cities

To add a new city, select the country and region and then add the city name.

Admin can also edit or delete the already present cities.

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