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Newsletter Templates

Newsletter templates are the predefined templates for newsletter campaigns.

We can see and create newsletter templates for the email campaigns here.

Manage Newsletter Templates

We can see the template name, type and status here.

We can block, delete and edit the templates by clicking on the respective buttons in the action section.

To create a new template, click on the “Add Newsletter Campaign Template” button.

Newsletter Template

Template Name – This is the name of the template. You can add any name to this template.

Template Type – We can use HTML or Plain text here.

Select required custom field for the template body – Here we can select the custom field we want to use with the template. Here we can add a field, unsubscription link or edit email link.

Body content – This is the content of the template. To add a custom field here, enter the cursor in the specified location and select the field from the above dropdown menu.

Here we can see a variable {content} in the body content. DON’T delete this variable from the template body. When we use this template in a campaign the {content} will be replaced  by the original campaign content.

Click the “Create” button to create the campaign.

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