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Email Lists

We can create multiple email lists here.


Here we can see our existing lists and total emails and unsubscribed emails in the list.

To add a new email list, click on the button “Add Email List”. 

Add Email List

Here enter the list name and click the “Create” button. A new email list is now ready to use.

In the “Email List” listing page, you can edit the name of the list, empty the email list, delete the email list and display all the emails in the list.


Edit List – To edit the list name, click on this image. Now you can edit the list name.

Empty Email List – To empty the email list, click on this image. It will remove all email addresses from the list.

Delete List – To delete a mail list, click on this image. It will delete the email list. (Note: If the list is connected to any email campaign, you cannot delete the list.)

List Emails – Click on this image to display all email addresses in the list.

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