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Export Emails

We can export emails from the list here.

There are 4 types of emails that can be export.

  • All Emails
  • Active Emails
  • Pending Emails
  • Unsubscribed Emails
    Export Emails
To export the emails do the following steps.
1. Select the email list. The emails in the selected list will be exported.
2. Select the fields to export. To select a field, first click on the field name in the left box and then click on the right arrow. The selected field will be now moved to the right box.
3. Select the email type. You can select active, pending, unsubscribed or all email addresses to export.
4. Set the batch size. We are using the batch size to reduce the server load. If the batch size is 1000, it will export 1000 emails at a time and thus we can reduce the server load.
5. Click the “Export” button.  
Now it will export the email addresses with selected fields and you can save this list.
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