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How can I use SMTP for sending emails?

To send emails/contact form using SMTP,  first you need to enable the SMTP from the settings page.

Then enter the SMTP details in the SMTP settings page.

In the SMTP settings page, you need to enter the Authentication, Host Name, Email Address, Password, Port Number and  Security.

If you are using the same server for sending mails, you can use ‘localhost’ as Host Name and port number 25.  This depends on the server and the hostname and security are different for different servers.

Note: If you running zimbra as the mail server, then you should use the IP instead of the hostname.(This info is provided by Nasier Jaffer. Thank you Nasier Jaffer for this info. )

The commonly used security for non secured mail server is ‘notls’ and for the secured server is ‘ssl’.

The authentication is required mainly for ssl servers. For other servers you can use ‘False’ for authentication.

If there is any issue for sending emails using SMTP after entering all the SMTP details, please contact your server guys for help.

If you are using gmail as SMTP server, please use the following parameters.

Host Name:smtp.gmail.com (use authentication)

Use Authentication: Yes
Port: 465
security: ssl
user: your gmail address
pass: your gmail password
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