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The settings for the XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet (Premium) are given below.


Basic Settings

The basic settings of the plugin are given below.


  • Sorting of Snippets – We can sort the snippets based on creating time or name with ascending order or descending order.
  • Credit link to author – We can enable or disable the credit link to the author in the footer of the site here.
  • Pagination Limit – This is the no. of items displayed on a page. If this value is 20, it will show 20 items on a page.
  • Auto Insert PHP Opening Tags – It will insert the PHP opening tag automatically on enabling this feature.
  • Enabling automatic exception handling for PHP snippets – If we enable this option, the system will show the error messages in the PHP code. (Please note that, in some cases, we will not get the exact error message)
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