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Post an Ad

Click on the “Post Your Ad” link to post an item (Ad).

Now it will redirect to the sign in/sign up page. Please register or login to submit a post.

XYZ Directory - Register

Sign in to the directory site and user can submit and item.

XYZ Directory - Post Ad

Here select the category, enter the title and description of the item, enter the url, phone number and email address.

Now the user can upload images by clicking on the ‘Drag and Drop Images’ link.

In the premium listing options, user can select the option.

XYZ Directory - Premium Listing

If the seller selects the premium payment, the seller needs to make the payment using paypal.

XYZ Directory - Make Payment

Here the user can select the Home page listing and/or premium listing plan.

Now pay with paypal and the item is now posted.

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