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In this section admin can create new coupons and manage them.

Add Coupon

In the ‘Add Coupon’ section admin can create a new coupon code.

XYZ Directory - Coupons

Coupon Name – This is the name of your coupon code. (eg: NEWYEAR20)

Item Id – This is the id of the item the coupon is applied for. If you want to provide a coupon for a particular item, please use the item id here and the coupon is applicable to that particular item only.

Applies To –  Admin can select whether the coupon code is applied to premium listing only, home page listing only or all listings.

Single Use – Admin can select whether the coupon code is applicable to a single use only or multiple use. Select ‘Yes’ for single use.

Expiry Date – Admin can set an expiry date to the coupon code if required.

Recur Discount – If you want to apply the discount for the recurring amounts, please enable this option.

Discount Type – We can apply ‘Flat Rate’ and ‘Percentage’ type discounts for user. Admin can select the desired discount type here.

Offer – This is the offer amount or offer percentage given to the user with the coupon.

Manage Coupons

In this section admin can see all the coupons.

XYZ Directory - Manage Coupons

It contains the coupon name, item id, offer with the coupon, whether it is used or not, expiry date, whether the discount is recurring, is it for single use, status of the coupon and links to different actions.

Admin can edit, block or delete a coupon code in the ‘Actions’ section.

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