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Basic Settings

Click on the “Basic Settings” link to get the quick bar settings page.

Basic Settings - Quickbar

Enable tiny MCE filter to prevent auto removal of < br > and < p > tags ? – In the wordpress, it will remove the <p> and <br> tags from the html content automatically. You can prevent this by enabling this setting.

Enable credit link to author? – You can support us by enabling the credit link in your site.

Enable Quickbar Popup? – You can enable or disable the popup here without deactivating the plugin.

Compatible with cache plugin? – If you are using any cache plugin, it will affect the popup. To avoid this we can enable this option, if you are using any cache plugin.

(If this option is enabled, only a javascript will load. There is a slight delay in appearing the popup if this setting enabled.)

Enable Premium Version Ads? – You can enable or disable the premium version ads in the plugin pages.


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