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Custom Field Manager gives you the ability to create custom fields in your site.

Using this plugin we can create additional fields and we can use these fields with new posts, pages, custom post type, taxonomy terms etc.

We are create fields and field groups so that we can manage different fields under a field group.

A quick look into Custom Field Manager :

  • Custom fields for posts and pages
  • Custom fields for custom post types
  • Supports text field, textarea and dropdown
  • Group fields together under different groups
  • Create groups for specific taxonomy terms
  • Drag and drop sorting for fields and field groups
  • Mandatory check for custom fields
  • Display fields and values using shortcode

The Custom Field Manager lets you create and manage multiple custom fields and custom field groups. It supports custom field elements such as text field, numeric field, textarea and dropdown list. You can create different custom field groups for posts, pages as well as custom post types and under each group you can create multiple fields.

While defining field groups you can define them for a post, page or custom post type in general or specific to any taxonomy term. You can also drag and drop to sort the field groups. You can also sort fields within a field group. You can use shortcodes to display fields and values in front end or set automatic display.

The prominent features of the custom field manager plugin are highlighted below.

Supported Custom Field Elements

  • Text field
  • Numeric field
  • Text area
  • Drop down List

Custom Fields

  • Create multiple custom fields under different field groups
  • Option to drag and drop for sorting custom fields within a group
  • Option to activate/inactivate custom fields
  • Optional mandatory check for custom fields
  • Specify default values for custom fields

Custom Field Groups

  • Group related custom fields under single group
  • Option to drag and drop for sorting custom field groups
  • Option to activate/inactivate custom field groups
  • Field groups for post, page and custom post types
  • Define field groups for specific taxonomy terms

Custom Field Submission

  • Option to enable mandatory check during custom field submission
  • Option to save posts as draft if mandatory fields not filled
  • Option to save custom fields with default values if mandatory fields not filled

Custom Field Display

  • Shortcodes for displaying custom fields and values by passing post id
  • Automatic display in single page without using shortcode
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