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Custom Fields

In this section we can add or manage new custom field groups and custom fields.

manage fields

Add Field Group

To add a new field group, click the “Add Field Group” button.

add field group

Here enter the name of the field group, post type and select the taxonomy and taxonomy term if any and click save button..

Manage Field Groups

First select the post type, Taxonomy and taxonomy term (if  required) and click the “Display Field Group” button. You can see all the groups for the selection.

manage field groups

It  displays the groups in their order. You can reorder them by drag and drop option.

In the Fields section it displays the number of fields with the group.

Click the edit button to edit the group, delete button to delete the group, block button to block the group and add field button to add fields to the group. To see all the fields in a group,click the details button.

Add new Field

Click the “Add Field” button to create a new field.

add field

Field Name : This is the name of the field.

Field Type : We have 4 field types. Text Field, Text Area, Numeric Field and Drop Down Field. Select one type and it will display additional options.

  •  Placeholder Text : This is the text displayed in the field by default.  (Applicable to Text Field, Text Area and Numeric)
  • Default Value : Admin can set a default value for the field. (Applicable to Text Field, Text Area and Numeric)



  • Option Values (Applicable to drop down only): We can enter the drop down field values separated by comma. We can also enter the values as key:value format. That means if there are 2 departments and 2 different emails, we can use like [email protected]:Department 1,[email protected]:Department 2 etc. It will display Department 1 in the dropdown field and we can use the key (email) for internal purposes.

dropdown field


The field in public side is given below.

dropdown field result


Required? : We can make a field mandatory by selecting this option. Select “Yes” for mandatory check.

Manage Fields

Click the Details button of a group and you can see all the fields in the group.

manafe fields 1


We can edit, delete. block, activate and reorder the fields here.

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