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Linkedin Settings

Linkedin settings are given below.

linkedin settings

You have to create a Linkedin application before filling the linkedin settings details.

To create a new Linkedin application follow the link

In the application page in linkedin, enter the values in the required fields and set the url of your site as the Website URL. Also change the Live Status to Live, to display the posts publicly.

From the linkedin application, you will get the API Key and API Secret Key. Enter these values in the space provided.

1. API Key – Enter the API key from linkedin application here.

2. API Secret Key – Enter the linkedin API secret key here.

3. Message Format for posting – This is the message format for posting in the linkedin. You can add your message with post title, blog title etc. here. The codes are given below.

  • {BLOG_TITLE} – This is the title of the blog (wordpress site name)
  • {POST_TITLE} – Title of your post.
  • {PERMALINK} – This is the URL of the post.
  • {POST_EXCERPT} – This is the summary of your post.
  • {POST_CONTENT} – This is the description of the post.
  • {USER_NICENAME} – This is the nice name of the author.
  • {POST_PUBLISH_DATE} – This is the post publish date.
  • {POST_ID} – This is the ID of the post

If you want to display the post title, the link to the post and the summary of the post, please use the codes  {POST_TITLE} – {PERMALINK}-{POST_EXCERPT}. You can select the code from the dropdown menu.

4. Attach image to linkedin post – If you want to attach images to your linkedin posts, please enable this option.

5. Share Post content with – Select the option to whom you want to display the posts. Select “public” if you want to display the post to public or select “Connections Only”, if you want to display the post with your connections only.

6. Enable auto publish posts to my linkedin account –  If you want to publish your blog posts in linkedin automatically, enable this option.

We can publish the posts in linkedin with or without images. The linkedin posts are given below.

Linkedin simple post


Linkedin Image Post


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